Boost business through better sales performance

  • Win more clients. Find ways to generate new business – new segments, new markets, new leads.
  • Expand relationships with your clients. Your best business prospects may already be your clients. Explore how to develop them.
  • Sell more effectively. Is your sales process working – quickly, effectively and to your clients’ satisfaction?
    Prepare for growth by having a better strategy

  • Build a better business strategy. Do you have a plan for growth? Is it working? Does it have measureable, achievable targets?
  • Deal with a problem or a crisis. Every business hits bumps in the road. Prepare for them, recognize them when they happen, and respond effectively.
  • Understand the market better. New competitors come in many forms: so do new customers.
    Get more attention through marketing and communications

  • Create ideas that get you noticed by the people that matter – potential and existing customers.
  • Use media attention. The media can help project your services and brand – if you know how to handle them correctly.
  • Create better collateral. The basics need attention, but it is hard to have all the professional staff you need inhouse.
    Find out how globalization can help growth

  • Expand your business abroad. Moving into the global marketplace can be nervewracking – with what seem like wonderful new opportunities but turn out to be huge risks.
  • Find a new market. Where should you focus? What criteria can be applied to find the value that will help drive your business abroad?
  • Deal with the risks of entering new markets. New partners, new hires and new customers need checking out – and some environments bring political, social and economic threats.
    Prepare your people for growth

  • Hire new staff. Finding new people can be time-consuming and frustrating; but getting the wrong people on board means a long hiring cycle is time wasted.
  • Develop the skills of your staff. Some competencies can be developed with existing people, boosting retention and cutting the costs and time involved in change.
  • Improve your consulting skills. Increasingly, every service sell is a consulting sell: it means understanding the client’s problem and bringing a sophisticated solution to bear.